about Us

Greetings everyone!


With the Erection—hah, the Election—of 2020 upon us, the media hysteria is quickly reaching a fever pitch. No news outlet, office, classroom, Facebook group, book club, or dog park is safe—and day after day, we are inundated with division and all-around non-sexy, stressful misery; not cool.

No doubt many of you out there are quite fed up and simply want to check out; however, this is why it is actually now more important than ever to reach across the aisle—and below the belt! This is about Americans helping Americans to…well, you know what!

We created the Make America Cum again campaign to remind everyone of a certain basic need that we all have in common as human beings. Whether you swing right or left; red or blue—or somewhere in the middle—or off the whole effing chart—we got your back here! (Please don’t sue us for sexual harassment.)

Sure, Make America Cum Again might seem like a mere trolling tactic, but do you realize that recent studies show Americans are increasingly not having sex?! The horror! If you have personally been affected by this “cum recession,” then it’s high time to break out of the rut!

#MACA might not be Nobel Peace prize-worthy, but if you’re inspired to laugh a little and indulge in some bona fide pleasure vs. getting into another stupid argument with family or Internet strangers, then we figure we’ll have done our job.

You’ll find plenty of fun swag and apparel here, as well as some special offers from the “Most Notorious Woman in America,” and Penthouse Pet of the Century, Stormy Daniels.

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